Brake/Clutch Master Cylinder Assembly

The brakes on any vehicle must be able to function at 100% at all times to maintain the safety of the vehicle. Brakes slow down a vehicle by using friction. This occurs when the brake pads are depressed against the braking disc or when the brake shoe presses against the brake drum.

Incorporated in 1991, Sanyco Grand Industries is today the leading manufacturer and assembler for a wide range of automotive brake master cylinders, clutch master cylinders, proportioning valves, wheel cylinders and ABS units. Over 50% of cars on Malaysia roads rely on brake components built with Sanyco technology. It is constantly upgrading its facilities, equipment and investing in the latest technology in line with its future requirements.

Sanyco range of brake products are tested under stringent conditions according to various international standards. Sanyco range of products includes:

–           Brake Master Cylinder Assembly

–           Clutch Master Cylinder Assembly

–           Proportioning Valve Assembly

–           Brake Line Connector Assembly

–           Brake Wheel Cylinder Assembly

–           ABS

As an OEM Manufacturer, Sanyco products must measure up to international standards. Sanyco safety driven brake technology is a hybrid of reputable expertise from Taiwan and Germany, supported by advanced state of the art equipment and machinery from Europe and Asia.