Engine Liner

The Engine Liner is a cylindrical cast component that is fitted into the cylinder block to act as a combustion chamber of the engine. The piston moves within the cylinder liner and generates a lot of friction and heat. It is thus a vital factor that the cylinder be made with extreme attention to meet the stressing demands.

NPR’s cylinder liners are supplied to all the manufacturers of the trucks, busses and construction machinery in Japan, whose products are recognized as being among the best of the world. The development of NPR cylinder liners is now being pursued through liner-piston ring combination techniques in order to meet the CO2, NOX, PM, and other emission control standards as well as the requirement for higher fuel efficiency (reduction in weight).

Established in 1976, HTK has been producing cylinder liners for more than 35 years. Based on experience and technologies accumulated from this time, HTK is able to meet the demands of precision and accuracy because of special cast iron processes which requires highly advanced skills.