Engine Valve

The Engine valve is a very important part of the engine. It controls the air intake for combustion and the expulsion of exhaust gases from the cylinder. The opening and closing sequence for each valve is very important for the overall function of the engine.

Fuji is the largest valve maker in Japan and operates with technical assistance and under license of TRW. It is one of the leading O.E.M. suppliers to the automotive industries and is the leading aftermarket motorcycle replacement parts company in the world. All valves feature advanced technology, stainless steel construction, and tufftride treatment for a superior product with high resistance to wear, burn, oxidation and corrosion.

When choosing valves for your vehicles the most misunderstood subject is that of material selection. “DOKURO” offers valves in a variety of materials to meet the requirements virtually any engine. The materials available for “DOKURO” valve applications include carbon steel alloys, stainless steels, inconel, and titanium.