Valve Insert

The Valve insert is the surface which the engine valves rest during the operation cycle when it is closed. It is a critical component of an engine in that if it is improperly positioned, disoriented, or deformed during manufacture, valve leakage will occur which will adversely affect the engine compression ratio and therefore the engine efficiency, performance, exhaust emissions, and engine life.

Fuji Oozx is the world’s leading valve manufacturer. All Fuji valves are manufactured especially for the Japanese car manufacturers. As a result, all Fuji valves are genuine original equipment, as used in the production line engines in Japan. The base material is evenly heated and then forged using one-piece tooling. Make no mistake, Fuji Oozx are the world’s number one valve company.

Hoga Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1976 and has been specialized in the production of engine valves, valve guides and valve seats. Each valve insert is manufactured to the standard of designation for each OEM automotive factory around the world and have the characteristics of high wear resistance, and anticorrosion.

We also have a range of valve inserts from HTK brand.