Waterpump and Repair Kit

The water pump circulates fluid whenever the engine is running to keep it running at the optimum temperature. The fluid leaving the pump flows first through the engine block and cylinder head, then into the radiator and finally back to the pump. Water pumps for cooling engines have a direct impact on engine power, since precise temperature control is a must for optimal engine performance.

TBK develops pumps based on the engine specifications of these manufacturers. Reducing cost and improving efficiency of maintenance are other key objectives of their pump development activities. With a full lineup of water pumps for cooling engines, TBK strive to meet all of their customers needs.

Asahi was established in 1931 and has manufacturing plants in Japan.

Asahi was one of the first Japanese water pump manufactures to attain ISO accreditation. A range of Asahi water pumps are available for medium and heavy duty diesel engines.